**You have to follow the PhotoBucket directions first in order to use these Hotmail directions!
1.  Upload your signatures to PhotoBucket. (Click here for PhotoBucket directions)

2.  Start a new e-mail and type in SIGNATURES in the subject line.

3.  In a separate tab or browser, open your PhotoBucket album. (
this way you can switch back & forth easily)

4.  Click on one of your signature in your PhotoBucket album so it opens to its own page and you see it in full size.

5.  Place your pointer over the top of the signature and RIGHT CLICK and COPY it.

6.  Go back to your Hotmail and PASTE it into the new e-mail you started.

7.  If you have more signatures, then please repeat steps 4 - 6 until you have pasted all your signatures into the e-mail.

8.  Once you are done pasting all your signatures into your e-mail, click on the SAVE AS DRAFT button.

9.  Now they are all saved in your DRAFTS folder.  And you wont need to copy and paste from PhotoBucket again unless you get new signatures.

10.  When you want to use your signatures, now you just copy the signature you are going to use from your DRAFTS folder by right clicking on top of it, and select COPY.  Then go write your new e-mail like normal, then PASTE your signature in where you want it.

***You can also just save a separate draft for each signature and just put the name of that signature in the subject field for your reference.  Then instead of clicking on "NEW" to write a new e-mail, you just go to your DRAFTS folder and click on the signature you want to use and write your e-mail from there.  After you send it, your Draft for that signature will still be there for next time.