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To order :

1. Type your name in the "Name" box under the signature(s) you would like and then click "Add to cart" button.  I will send you a confirmation e-mail and you will receive your signatures within the time I advised you of in the confirmation e-mail.  Usually, it takes 1 to 2 business days.  If a lot of orders come in the same day, then could be 2 - 3 days.  During sales it will take longer, orders are filled in order they are received.

2. Please make sure you have given me your correct e-mail address and that your e-mail will accept my e-mails.  I am not responsible if your e-mail provider blocks me.  Best way to ensure this is to add me to your address book.

For Your Information!

You will get 2 sizes of each signature.  One will be about the size as my sample and one will be about 25% smaller.  You only have to save the size you prefer.  Or save both, you never know when you might need a different size!

All signatures are made for white/light colored backgrounds. 
If you want them for a dark/black background you have to tell me at the time you order.

To order with cash, checks or money orders:

E-mail me the name of the signatures you would like and I will e-mail you back with my mailing address.  You will receive your signatures within the time I advised you of in the confirmation e-mail.
There is a $20 fee for any bounced checks!!

To order custom signatures or logos:

Please e-mail a
detailed description of what you would like and I will be able to give you a price.

*There are no refunds or exchanges on custom or regular signatures.  Make sure you order the ones you want and have the correct spelling.