1.  Go to PhotoBucket and open a free account.
If you already have an account, then log in.  Then click on  UPLOAD NOW
How To Upload Signatures into PhotoBucket
2. Click on 'SELECT PHOTOS and VIDEOS'
3.  Your "Choose File" menu will pop up.  Go into the folder where you  saved your signatures.  And choose the one you want to upload, or if you have many in one folder you can highlight/select all of them in your folder and it will upload all of them.
4. After you clicked on the signatures you want, it will start uploading right away.  When it is done, click the 'SAVE AND CONTINUE TO MY ALBUM' button.
5.  Then you will see your album with all your signatures in thumbnail size.  DO NOT copy them from here.  Place your mouse over the signature you want to use and a menu will show.  Choose DIRECT LINK and click on it.  It will automatically copy the link for you.
6. Open a new browser tab and PASTE in the link you just copied.  You will then see you signature in full size.
7.  Most e-mail providers allow you to copy and paste your signatures from a browser into your e-mails.  A good trick is to copy and paste all your signatures into one new email and then Save it as a DRAFT.  Then next time you want to use one of your signatures you dont have to go to Photobucket again, simply open your draft and copy and paste the one you want into your email.